In 2014, a small team of engineers gathered in a Hong Kong high-rise.

Working in a space smaller than a standard shipping container, they created the next revolution in immersion cooling.

Often called the “lungs of the world”, the Amazon rainforest produces 20% of the air we breathe.

See what LiquidStack is doing to help save this resource and dramatically lower energy demand.

We know 2-phase liquid immersion cooling, because we are the ones who pioneered it.

We had to do it for ourselves.

For Data Center Operators, from Data Center Innovators

The Immersion Cooling Standard

High Performance, Control and Sustainability

  • Cool the most demanding applications and hi-flux chips
  • Overcome the cooling crisis through unmatched heat rejection and efficiency
  • Go green with energy-efficient, sustainable, silent and non-toxic technology
  • Benefit from flexibility, reduced construction costs and accelerated time to market
  • Deploy & operate anywhere, even in the world’s harshest environments


higher heat transfer coefficient compared to air


more heat rejection per IT rack compared to air cooling


reduction in energy used for cooling


higher cooling capacity than any other form of liquid cooling

Immersion Cooling Solutions

LiquidStack solutions solve the most challenging thermal management needs of compute, storage and communications infrastructure anywhere in the world.

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Hong Kong’s Most Energy-Efficient Data Center

Best Green ICT Awards 2014

Future Thinking and Design Concepts

Data Center Dynamics Awards 2014

Application of Immersion Cooling in Data Center

Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards 2014

Electronics & Industrial Cooling Systems Partner of the Year

Hong Kong Most Valuable Services Awards 2018

Edge Data Center of the Year

Data Center Dynamics Awards Finalist 2020

News & Resources

“Using LiquidStack’s data tanks, servers only need to be fitted with a slim, 1-millimeter heat sink. This means systems, even those with multiple CPUs or GPUs, can be crammed down into the equivalent of a single rack unit’s worth of space… Beyond power and compute density, there are ancillary benefits of immersion cooling, such as reducing data center water consumption.”

“Enter LiquidStack, a company that’s spinning out from the cryptocurrency hardware technology developer Bitfury Group with a $10 million investment.”

“LiquidStack seeks to capitalize on the growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and other high-density applications, which pose challenges for data center design and management. Powerful new hardware for AI workloads is packing more computing power into each piece of equipment, boosting the power density…and the accompanying heat.”

“Liquid immersion cooling is easily one of the most modern and potentially exciting forms of modern data centre cooling…the technology has produced some staggeringly low PUE readings.”

“Immersion cooling could solve one of the biggest challenges of the digital economy. In Hong Kong, a company called LiquidStack used submersion technology for a recently opened data center.”

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