Advanced Liquid Cooling Solutions
for the Most Challenging Thermal Management Needs

Liquid cooling benefits

Cool the most demanding workloads

Liquid cooling offers the highest cooling capacity on the market, enabling generative AI and HPC applications at scale.

Maximize energy efficiency of cooling

Liquid cooling systems can effectively manage higher heat loads with less energy consumption compared to air cooling solutions.

Reduce environmental impact of data centers

Liquid cooling drastically cuts the amount of resources data centers consume and offer unbeatable PUE, WUE and ERF performance.

Capitalize on energy reuse

Liquid cooling provides opportunities for heat reuse in various applications, such as district heating, desalination, greenhouse heating and more.

CDU-direct to chip

LiquidStack’s direct-to-chip CDUs offer 800W cooling capacity at N+1

Our direct to Chip targets CPUs/GPUs, transferring 80% of their heat to water, creating a 1.16 pPUE

Our direct-to-chip CDUs lower fan power and water consumption, and significantly reduce data center whitespace, resulting in less energy and noise and improved PUE and WUE

Our direct-to-chip CDUs use warm water to capture heat for specific components, providing up to 55C water temperatures

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Single phase immersion

LiquidStack’s single phase immersion cooling offers up to 110kW cooling capacity in less than four rack spaces

Our single phase immersion cooling removes the need for fans, creating a 1.06 pPUE

Our single phase immersion cooling eliminates fans and lowers water needed for cooling, reducing energy and noise and improving PUE and WUE

Our single phase immersion cooling fluids capture all the IT system heat and can provide elevated water temperatures

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Two phase immersion

LiquidStack’s two phase immersion cooling offers up to 252kW of cooling capacity in a single tank

Our two phase immersion cooling fluid vaporization extracts the most heat of any liquid cooling technology resulting in the lowest pPUE,1.03

Our two phase immersion cooling significantly reduces the data center footprint, eliminates water consumption, pumps, and fans, resulting in downsized heat rejection systems, low PUE, WUE, and Scope 2 emissions

Our two phase immersion cooling fluids capture all the IT system heat and provide up to 55C water temperatures

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LiquidStack is supporting customers through a wide range of services

We ensure our liquid cooling systems deliver long-term value and the fastest return on investment through comprehensive consultation, product installation supervision, training, lifecycle maintenance, and equipment services.

Connect with our team to explore the optimal liquid cooling options for your organization

From maximum power density performance to supporting emerging environmental and regulatory standards, LiquidStack can help you adopt the technology or technologies that make most sense for your business.

The Most Respected Developer and Manufacturer of Liquid Cooling Solutions

LiquidStack holds multiple awards for building the world’s most efficient liquid cooled data center solutions. From micro data centers to hyperscale sites, we have the experience to deliver your project successfully.

Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Data Center Industry

LiquidStack provides next-generation cooling solutions to many of the world’s largest cloud services, semiconductor, manufacturing and IT hardware providers.

World’s First Immersion-Cooled Hyperscale Data Center

  • 40MW of IT load with 252kW per horizontal rack, 2.5mm board pitch
  • 92.6% cooling energy savings compared to enterprise data center at same MW

World’s Densest Immersion Cooling Data Center

  • 120 MW
  • Free cooling even during summer temperatures of 40°C (104°F)

First Two Phase Immersion Cooling Data Center

  • Designed and built in only 6 months
  • World’s Largest FPGA Cluster with 6048 Spartan®-6 LX150 FPGA

Most Energy-Efficient Data Center in Hong Kong

  • 87% cooling energy use reduction
  • PUE of only 1.01
  • Average Hong Kong PUE is 2.20
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Case Study
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