The World’s Most Admired Liquid Cooling Company for Generative AI, Hyperscale, Edge and High Performance Computing

  • Kar-Wing Lau co-founds Allied Control Limited (ACL) in Hong Kong.
  • ACL deploys its first data center featuring 2-phase immersion cooling.
  • ACL wins multiple awards for “Most Energy-Efficient Data Center.”
  • Bitfury Group acquires ACL.
  • ACL deploys a 40MW 2-phase immersion-cooled data center in Republic of Georgia, the first of its kind.
  • ACL and Bitfury forms a joint venture
  • They build the first 30MW 2-phase immersion-cooled data center in Azerbaijan.
  • A 120MW 2-phase immersion-cooled data center, the largest liquid-cooled data center ever built, is deployed in Azerbaijan.
  • Joe Capes joins ACL as Head of Liquid Cooling.
  • The company pivots toward hyperscale, edge and high performance computing applications.
  • ACL wins major contracts with hyperscale, semiconductor, IT hardware, manufacturing and HPC customers.
  • ACL spins off of Bitfury Group, rebrands as LiquidStack and establishes commercial headquarters in the United States.
  • Joe Capes becomes CEO of LiquidStack.
  • Microsoft tests LiquidStack’s two-phase immersion systems with results supporting power densities of up to 250 kW per rack, enabling the future of high-density data centers.
  • Wiwynn, an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider of server and storage system design, manufacturing and rack integration for data centers, invests in LiquidStack, validating the future of immersion cooling.
  • LiquidStack launches global services.
  • NTT Data tests LiquidStack’s two phase immersion systems at its Tokyo data center, resulting in 97% less cooling energy than traditional cooling systems.
  • Trane Technologies invests in LiquidStack, allowing the company to announce their CDU and single phase offerings.
  • LiquidStack becomes the first full-service liquid cooling company.
  • LiquidStack opens its manufacturing site, R&D center and headquarters in Carrollton, Texas.

“Our industry has reached the practical limits of air cooling. We founded LiquidStack with the sole purpose of driving continued performance gains in computing through our breakthrough technology and unmatched experience. We embrace all forms of liquid cooling, which outperforms air cooling across every possible metric: heat rejection capacity, energy efficiency, water usage, space utilization, flexibility and positive, sustainable climate impact. Our goal is to do more than simply change minds. We aim to change the world for the better.”

Joe Capes, CEO, LiquidStack

The New Cooling Imperative

Data centers are under pressure to drastically increase IT power density while improving energy efficiency and reducing use of resources. Simultaneously, chip manufacturers face increasing pressure to create more powerful processors – processors that require more cooling power than what can be achieved with traditional air cooling.

Liquid cooling enables data centers – to accommodate generative AI and HPC workloads that require unprecedented amounts of cooling capacity, even at the edge. Moreover, sustainability transparency for data centers is becoming mandatory rather than just a consideration. These changes are driving data centers to adopt liquid cooling for all or part of their facilities.

Made in the U.S.A.

The LiquidStack manufacturing site, R&D center and headquarters is located in Carrollton, Texas. In sourcing manufacturing enables a faster and more agile  response to the high global demand for liquid cooling being driven by r ultra-high TDP chips for generative AI and HPC workloads.

LiquidStack’s full range of liquid cooling solutions are manufactured on site. This includes our direct-to-chip Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs), single phase and two phase immersion cooling solutions and the company’s MacroModular™ and MicroModular™ prefabricated data centers. The site also hosts a service training and demonstration center for customers and our global network of service engineers and partners.

Our Vision

Pioneering and delivering high performance, cost-effective and reliable liquid cooling solutions to solve the most challenging thermal management needs of IT infrastructure in centralized and edge data centers around the world.

Our Mission

To leverage our deep experience and relentless drive to create, along with our customers and partners, a sustainable environment for high performance data center and edge cooling.

Meet the Team

Joe Capes
CEO & Co-founder
Kar-Wing Lau
CTO & Co-founder
Ed King
SVP of Operations
Michael Hurton
VP of Finance
Nick Boyarski
VP of Legal
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Stuart Crump
Global Commercial Director
Phil Diffley
Director of Global Services
Tao Geng
Director of R&D
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Rocky Lin
Director of Engineering
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Nick Schweissguth
Director of Product Management
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Julie Sullivan
Director of Global Human Resources
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Angela Taylor
Global Strategy and Marketing
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Board of Directors

Wahid Nawabi
Chairman of the Board
Joe Capes
Valery Vavilov
Non-executive Director
Sunlai Chang
Non-executive Director
Stijn Ehren
Non-executive Director
Holly Paeper
Non-executive Director

Advisory Board

George Kikvadze Executive Vice President – Bitfury Group

We’re Always Looking for Great Talent to Join Us at LiquidStack.