Electrical Technician 電機技術員
Hong Kong

Electrical Technician 電機技術員


Reporting to the Workshop Team Leader of LiquidStack, this role is responsible for designing and building various electrical prototypes for testing while documenting all results. This role will be working very closely with our engineering team to perform a variety of hands-on electrical panel assembly and installation work. The individual will learn about a variety of new technologies which can shape the data center industry for decades to come. We are looking for a driven Electrical Technician that is passionate about this profession and wants to become a valuable team member of the world’s global leaders in liquid cooling for data centers, edge, and high-performance computing.

電機技術員將直屬於LiquidStack的工場部部長,此職位將負責設計和製造各種電機原型,同時進行測試並記錄結果。此職位會與我們的工程團隊緊密合作。 您將學到各種各樣能影響數據中心工業未來幾十年的嶄新技術。 我們正在尋找一個對工程工藝及技術專業充滿熱誠的機械技術員加入我們,成為全球頂尖液體冷卻系統團隊的一員。


  • Performs hands-on electrical system, electrical panel assembly and installation work.
  • 負責電機系統、配電箱生產製造、組裝和安裝工作
  • Conducts machine/hardware wiring and installation.
  • 具備工藝進行機器接線和電力系統的安裝調試工作
  • Carries out duties with hand tools, powered tools, and electrical equipment.
  • 需要操作手動、電動及電氣工具完成工作
  • Supports the technical team with day-to-day operations.
  • 協助技術團隊日常流程運作
  • Performs ad hoc duties assigned by supervisory staff.
  • 履行監督人員指派的臨時職責
  • Complies with standards and procedures of company’s health and safety manual and Occupational Health and Safety regulations.
  • 需符合公司的職業健康與安全法規的標準和程序


  • Diploma/Higher Certificate or an equivalent in Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering or any related disciplines.
  • 持電機/機械工程文憑或高級證書同等學歷
  • A minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience in the electrical, mechanical and/or related field.
  • 最少兩年或以上相關電機及機械工作經驗
  • Proactive, willing to learn and have a positive attitude.
  • 積極進取,樂於學習及有良好的工作態度
  • A recognized and relevant craft/mechanical/electrical apprenticeship is considered an asset.
  • 具相關機構發出的機械/電機學徒證書會優先考慮
  • Self-starter that is capable working independently and in a team environment.
  • 有主動性,能於團隊內獨立完成技術工作
  • Attention to detail in a fast-paced environment with a strong desire to deliver quality work.
  • 注重細節,並提供高品質高效迅速的的工藝工作
  • Multicultural approach, comfortable working with diverse cultures and mind-sets.
  • 具多元文化、能與不同文化背景的隊員合作
  • Must be able to speak Cantonese, good command of English is a strong plus.
  • 流利廣東話,略懂英語會優先考慮

To apply for this position, please email your resume and cover letter to careers@liquidstack.com.

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