2022 Case Study:
Two-Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling

Data center efficiency is top-of-mind for the industry. Architects, engineers and operators are constantly seeking ways to use less energy, space and resources while keeping data centers functioning at optimal levels. However, one of the biggest obstacles to optimal data center efficiency is air-based cooling systems, which most data centers today still employ. 

This study evaluates the use of both an air-based and a liquid-immersion-based cooling approach for hypothetical facilities managed by hyperscale operators. The selected direct evaporative cooling system (air-cooled) is compared to a two-phase liquid immersion cooling system, with supporting electrical and technology typologies housed within an analogous architectural environment.

Read now to see how the two-phase liquid immersion cooling system performed compared to the air-cooled system in terms of performance, cost, space utilization and energy and water consumption.

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