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The data center landscape is undergoing a transformative shift. As the backbone of the digital age, these facilities face unprecedented challenges in supporting next-generation AI compute architectures. The quest for sustainable, efficient cooling solutions has never been more critical. Our groundbreaking white paper, “Comparison of Server Liquid-Cooling Technologies,” co-developed with Syska Hennessy and the Chemours group, reveals how advanced liquid cooling technologies compare across different climate zones to help our customers determine the right fit for their needs.

Why Download?

  • Insightful Analysis: Discover comprehensive total cost of ownership comparisons across three predominant liquid cooling technologies: Single-phase Direct-to-chip (DTC), Single-phase Immersion Cooling (1-PIC), and Two-phase Immersion Cooling (2-PIC).
  • Global Perspective: Learn from evaluations across four diverse data center locations, each presenting unique climatic challenges, from temperate to hot and humid conditions.
  • Economic Impact: Understand the implications for capital and operational expenses, informed by our exclusive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool, co-developed with Syska Hennesy and the Chemours group.
  • Sustainability at Core: Dive into the environmental advantages, including significant reductions in water and energy use.

Be Prepared for Tomorrow, Today. The digital infrastructure of tomorrow demands solutions that not only meet today’s needs but anticipate future challenges. With CPUs and GPUs rapidly evolving, our whitepaper equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your data center’s liquid cooling strategy, ensuring resilience, efficiency, and sustainability.

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