Designed for Direct-to-Chip

Rack-based form factor, narrow approach temperatures, elevated operating water temperatures, and intelligent onboard controller.


High Reliability

Equipped with dual, redundant pumps to ensure N+1 operation and deliver high flow and high available head pressure. The pumps can operate on a rotational schedule or by load sharing, enhancing system reliability and efficiency. It’s also USA manufactured and factory tested prior to shipping.


User-Friendly Design

Dual, front-mounted electrical panels for easy access and redundant operation.


Easy Transport & Installation

Casters, leveling feet, forklift pockets and floor anchoring brackets and a compact IT-rack form factor ensures easy installation in both new and retrofit environments. Its versatility allows placement in-row or at the perimeter, accommodating various data center layouts.

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Improved Efficiency

LiquidStack CDUs significantly improve the thermal management of CPUs, leading to higher operational efficiency, at lower temperatures, enhancing system performance and longevity.

Energy Savings

Our CDUs are more energy-efficient compared to traditional air cooling methods. They need less fan energy to maintain optimal operating temperatures, leading to reduced energy and environmental impact of your enterprise.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

LiquidStack CDUs enable your computing systems to operate at higher performance without overheating – essential for processing large volumes of data and performing complex computations.

Direct to chip


In TCO over year years (nominal)


Reduction in energy used for cooling


CAPEX reduction versus air-cooling


In data center white space

Powerful, efficient and equipped with intelligent logic controls


Configurable for virtually any direct-to-chip solution

Delivers a powerful, compact, and easy to manage system in the smallest form factor.


Designed for the latest AI chips
and servers

Offers powerful coolant flow distribution and optimized energy efficiency through an advanced water circuit design.


Scalable to your management and performance needs

Incorporates modern control and logic to meet resiliency and management needs, and available with 800kW cooling capacity for DLC data halls.


Intelligent design and operation

Includes inlet and outlet temperature, pressure, and flow sensors; 3-way facility water control valve for maximum turndown ratio; and insulated stainless steel piping with drip tray


N+1 redundancy configuration with concurrent maintainability

Provides redundant and hot swappable VSD pumps, and top or bottom piping and electrical with redundant power feeds.


Remote management and secure onboard logic controller

Features native MODBUS TCP/IP or RESTful API remote management; group/pod, pump duty cycle, condensate management; and various user control modes.

Typical applications and use cases include

Artificial intelligence (AI), OTT, advanced cloud computing, video and graphics rendering, high performance computing (HPC), and any low latency, high processing applications in the following sectors:

  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Colocation
  • Telecommunication
  • High Performance Compute (HPC)

Trusted by the Biggest Names in Data Center Technology

LiquidStack provides next-generation cooling solutions to many of the world’s largest cloud services, semiconductor, manufacturing and IT hardware providers, and has won numerous awards for data center innovation and sustainability.

Connect with our team to explore the optimal liquid cooling options for your organization

From maximum power density performance to meeting new environmental and regulatory standards, LiquidStack can help you adopt the technology or technologies that make most sense for you.

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