Hyperscale, Cloud and Enterprise Data Center Solutions

Ultra-compact, mission-critical immersion-cooled data center technology for hyperscale, cloud, colocation, and large enterprise data centers

Hyperscalers, Cloud Providers and Leading Enterprises Face a Cooling Crisis

Data centers consume almost 2% of the world’s electricity use – almost half of that is used for cooling, with 84% of global electricity still generated with fossil fuels. Operators face strong government and social pressure to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint. The US and China, for example, are moving to limit the PUE for data centers to 1.5.

We have been cooling hyperscale, cloud, colocation, and large enterprise data centers down since 2012

  • Highest compute density of any technology in the world
  • Drastically reduce datacenter floor space and construction costs
  • Lowest PUE of any free-cooling solution today
  • Zero water usage, suitable for any geographical deployment
  • Most environmentally sustainable cooling technology ever, ultra-low GWP and non ozone-depleting
  • Accommodates AC or OCP ORv3 power distribution
  • Highest level of redundancy: Fully 2N redundant

Use cases:

  • Hyperscale cloud platforms
  • Colocation and enterprise
  • Brownfield colocation and on-prem
  • Edge computing
  • Generative AI

Benefits At-a-Glance
Designed for today, future-proofed for tomorrow


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  • Nominal PUE ranging from 1.02 to 1.03
  • Lower CAPEX than best-in-class air cooling
  • 20 to 30-year expected operable life
  • DataTanks are compatible for all future IT refresh cycles
  • Compatible with all standard rack form factors
key benifit

Benefits At-a-Glance
Key Benefits


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  • N, N+1, 2N options to meet desired Tier rating
  • Eliminates the need for PDUs, PPPs, Busway and IT racks
  • Reduces need for air cooling by 98%
  • No raised floor, air ducting or plenums
  • Silent operation
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Benefits At-a-Glance
Quality & Safety


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  • Dielectric fluids are non-flammable (actually used as a fire retardant)
  • Liquid is completely safe for human touch
  • IT equipment is dry within 1 minute of removal for easy servicing, no mess, no clean-up
  • Patented design for minimal vapor/fluid loss and usage
  • Impervious to its surroundings – no dust, no dirt, no mineral or synthetic oil baths
  • UL/ETL, CE

LiquidStack’s Liquid  Cooling Solutions


Direct-to-chip liquid cooling solutions

Up to 800kW and 1.2MW models available


Provides up to 250kW of liquid cooling in a small modular container.


Fits 6 x DataTank™ 48U systems

Provides up to 1.5MW of liquid cooling in a full modular container.

DataTank™ 4U

Rack Units: 4U

Two phase immersion cooling for edge and micro data centers.

DataTank™ 48U

Rack Units: 48U

Two phase immersion cooling tanks for full-scale data center deployments.

2023 Trane Technologies partners with LiquidStack through a Series B funding round to primarily scale up manufacturing of DC cooling equipment.

2022 In tests of LiquidStack’s two-phase immersion system, NTT Data used 97 percent less cooling energy than a traditional DC cooling system, and aims to deploy immersion cooling in 2023.

2021 Wiwynn, an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider of server and storage system design, manufacturing, and rack integration for DCs, partners with LiquidStack through a $10M Series A investment

2021 Microsoft tests LiquidStack’s two-phase immersion systems enabling the future of high-density DCs.

2020 Wins major DC contracts with hyperscale, semi-conductor, IT hardware, manufacturing and HPC customers

2018 Deployed 120MW DC in Azerbaijan, the largest liquid cooled data center in the world.

2015 Deployed 40MW DC in Georgia, the densest immersion cooled data center in the world.

2014 Multiple awards for building the most energy efficient data center in Hong Kong.

The Gold Standard of Advanced Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

  • 87% cooling energy use reduction (nominal)
  • 1.01 PUE achieved in a sub-tropical operating environment (global average is 1.58)*
  • Construction time slashed by 75% compared to traditional data center builds
  • 40MW of IT load with 252kW per horizontal rack, 2.5mm board pitch
  • 28 times more IT load per rack than standard air-cooled hyperscale data centers
  • 90% floor space savings compared to HK Stock Exchange (at same MW)
  • 92.6% electricity savings versus air cooling
  • 120MW IT load
  • Deployed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional and hyperscale data center builds
  • Free cooling during summer temperatures of 40°C (104°F)

*Uptime Institute, April 2020

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