Hyperscale, Cloud and Enterprise Data Center Solutions

With hi-flux chips and rapidly growing rack density, data centers generate more heat than ever. LiquidStack has been cooling them down since 2012.

Hyperscalers, Cloud Providers and Leading Enterprises Face a Cooling Crisis

  • Data centers consume almost 2% of the world’s electricity use – almost half of that is used for cooling
  • 84% of global electricity is generated with fossil fuels
  • Data center operators face strong government and social pressure to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint
  • The US and China are moving to limit the PUE for data centers to 1.5

LiquidStack 2-Phase Immersion Cooling Solutions

Data Center 2-Phase Immersion Cooling

Rack Units: 48U

Full-rack and half-rack solutions up to 252kW, supporting 19”, 21”, OPC & ORV3 configurations.

Custom DataTanks

Rack Units: Custom

Your data center project may be new build or retrofit – let us tailor a liquid cooling solution for you today.

  • Nominal PUE of 1.02 to 1.03
  • Lower CAPEX than best-in-class air cooling
  • 20 to 30-year expected operable life
  • DataTanks are compatible for all future IT refresh cycles
  • Compatible with all standard rack form factors
  • N, N+1, 2N options to meet desired Tier rating
  • Eliminates the need for PDUs, PPPs, Busway and IT racks
  • Reduces need for air cooling by 98%
  • No raised floor, air ducting or plenums
  • Silent operation
  • Dielectric fluids are non-flammable (actually used as a fire retardant)
  • Liquid is completely safe for human touch
  • IT equipment is dry within 1 minute of removal for easy servicing, no mess, no clean-up
  • Patented design for minimal vapor/fluid loss and usage
  • Impervious to its surroundings – no dust, no dirt, no mineral or synthetic oil baths
  • UL/ETL, CE

The Gold Standard of Advanced Liquid Cooling for Data Centers


Multiple awards for building the most energy efficient data center in Hong Kong.

  • 87% cooling energy use reduction (nominal)
  • 1.01 PUE achieved in a sub-tropical operating environment (global average is 1.58)*
  • Construction time slashed by 75% compared to traditional data center builds

*Uptime Institute, April 2020


Deployed 40MW DC in Georgia, the densest immersion cooled data center in the world.

  • 40MW of IT load with 252kW per horizontal rack, 2.5mm board pitch
  • 28 times more IT load per rack than standard air-cooled hyperscale data centers
  • 90% floor space savings compared to HK Stock Exchange (at same MW)
  • 92.6% electricity savings versus air cooling


Deployed 120MW DC in Azerbaijan, the largest liquid cooled data center in the world.

  • 120MW IT load
  • Deployed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional and hyperscale data center builds
  • Free cooling during summer temperatures of 40°C (104°F)

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