Local & Regional Edge, 5G & Micro Data Center Solutions

Advanced liquid cooling to
support high performance
computing at the edge, perfect
for tight spaces and challenging
operating environments.

The Dawn of the Micro Data Center

Micro Data Centers radically change the dynamics of data center construction and cooling.

The era of 5G will require telcos to invest more in edge computing to reduce data transfer latency and increase high-speed processing capabilities. Edge data centers, or Micro Data Centers, are often located in urban areas with limited space.

LiquidStack’s 2-phase immersion cooling allows for a much greater density of processing capabilities in restricted spaces, making it ideal for edge computing deployments.

Use cases:

  • 5G and Industrial IoT edge
  • Telecommunications and telco edge
  • Regional edge, ISPs, and CDNs
  • AI, ML, facial recognition, cyber security
  • Point of sale (PoS)

Ultra-compact, high performance compute for local and regional edge

Ultra-compact and highest compute density on the market

Scalable and repeatable for deployments virtually anywhere

Available in modular and mini-modular containerized deployments

Highest reliability of any system on the market

Suitable for hot and humid climates

LiquidStack 2-Phase Immersion Cooling Solution

Edge/5G 2-Phase Immersion Cooling Rack Units: 2U, 4U, 8U

DataTank™ edge modules are our third-generation systems for use with a variety of 2-phase dielectric fluids, delivering PUEs of 1.06 or less, even in hot or humid climates. These highly efficient systems provide predictable reliability no matter how harsh the location or application.

DataTank™ edge modules can be built in NEMA4, IP 54/55 enclosures for outdoor use, whereas our indoor units are suitable for manufacturing, healthcare, retail and many more applications.

The IT hardware that can surpass our heat rejection capacity doesn’t exist yet. 2-phase immersion cooling could theoretically cool 2-3MW of electronics in a standard-size DataTank. While not yet commercialized, our tests have shown that 4kW of IT heat load can be cooled in a volume of just 1 liter of dielectric fluid.

LiquidStack’s technology lets IT do away with duplicate hardware and heat-transfer equipment. It eliminates heatsinks, fans, power connectors, cables, and throttling.

Hardware vendors save on cooling time and costs. End users save CAPEX, OPEX and overhead.

With air-cooling or direct-to-chip cold plates, heat transfer mechanisms need to be redesigned and replaced with every new generation of hardware. Replacement of cold plates, heatsinks, fans, pipes, cables, chassis and enclosures typically results in a 6-time CAPEX replacement cost over 20 years. That’s not sustainable, or smart.

LiquidStack technology can run for 20-30 years without replacement. When you upgrade your IT, it’s simply out with the old and in with the new. No CAPEX replacement costs whatsoever.

In contrast to cold plates, sealed immersion chassis or refrigerant-based mechanical systems, LiquidStack is universal and non-proprietary. As with standard air-cooled IT racks, what goes in a DataTank is completely up to the end user.

LiquidStack Immersion Cooling
Solutions in Action

2U-21IN Transparent Tank
  • 2U GIGABYTE™ G291-2GO Server
  • 2x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6150 CPUs
  • 16x GIGABYTE™ RTX 2080 GPUs
  • 4kW+ Cooling Capacity
  • Water Cooling Radiators
4U-21IN Transparent Tank
  • 3U CocoLink Klimax-210T Server
  • 2x Intel® Xeon® CPUs
  • 20x ZOTAC® RTX 2080 GPUs
  • 8kW+ Cooling Capacity
  • Water Cooling Radiators

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