High Performance
Computing (HPC) Solutions

The only thing stopping you from having the fastest super computer on earth is your cooling system.

Advanced Cooling
Solutions for High
Performance Computing

The specialized chips and dense architectures at the heart of HPC have reached the limits of existing cooling technologies.

2-phase immersion liquid cooling provides extreme performance for extreme computing. Over 90% of new HPC data centers are liquid-cooled today.

LiquidStack 2-Phase
Immersion Cooling

HPC/Data Center 2-Phase Immersion Cooling

48U DataTanks

Half-rack and full-rack solutions up to 252kW with board pitch of as little as 2.5mm.

Custom Solutions

Custom DataTanks

Your HPC project is likely to have highly customized hardware – let us tailor a liquid cooling solution to your exact needs.

Cooling Capacity for Unmatched Server Density

2-phase immersion cooling removes thermal bottlenecks at the device and facility level.

Air Cooling

Direct-to-Chip (Water)

Direct-to-Chip (Refrigerant)

1-Phase Immersion Cooling (Oil)

2-Phase Immersion Cooling

Density per rack (kW)

The Unbeatable Advantages of 2-Phase Immersion Cooling for HPC

Unmatched Heat Rejection Capacity
26% higher capacity than any form of liquid cooling

Network Acceleration
With board pitch as small as 2.5mm, optical networking connections are shorter than ever

Space & Real Estate Savings
Reduces data center footprint and campus use-space by 60% or more

Cost Effective – Plain and Simple
Simplifies upstream power, eliminates PDUs, RPPs, busway, IT racks and more

Highly Sustainable
Lower direct and indirect carbon footprint, less waste

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