High Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions

Best-in-class liquid cooling for the most demanding compute environments

Advanced Cooling
Solutions for High
Performance Computing

The specialized chips and dense architectures at the heart of HPC have reached the limits of existing cooling technologies.

Liquid cooling provides extreme performance for extreme computing. Over 90% of new HPC data centers are liquid-cooled today.

Use cases:
  • High flux chip research and development
  • OEM proof of concept, fluid testing, and qualification
  • AI, ML, facial recognition, cyber security
  • Virtualization and IT consolidation
  • Research, labs, and computational modeling

LiquidStack’s Liquid Cooling Solutions


Direct-to-chip liquid cooling solutions

Up to 800kW and 1.2MW models available


Provides up to 250kW of liquid cooling in a small modular container.


Fits 6 x DataTank™ 48U systems

Provides up to 1.5MW of liquid cooling in a full modular container.

DataTank™ 4U

Rack Units: 4U

Two phase immersion cooling for edge and micro data centers.

DataTank™ 48U

Rack Units: 48U

Two phase immersion cooling tanks for full-scale data center deployments.

Cooling Capacity for Unmatched Server Density

Liquid cooling removes thermal bottlenecks at the device and facility level.

Air Cooling


Direct-to-Chip (Water)


Direct-to-Chip (Refrigerant)


1-Phase Immersion Cooling (Oil)

phase immersion cooling

2-Phase Immersion Cooling

phase immersion cooling

Density per rack (kW)

Density per rack

High performance compute designed to support dedicated, high performance processes


Highest compute density on the market


Designed for continuous 24/7 peak operation


Adaptable to virtual IT


Scalable for rightsized deployment


Reduces overall IT load by removing fans


Flexible fluid and communication options to support any operating conditions


Accommodates AC or OCPv4 power distribution

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