Prefabricated turnkey solution provides up to 250kW of liquid cooling in a small modular container

Compact, powerful and designed for any environment

Designed for demanding local edge applications across a wide range of businesses, use cases and sites, MicroModular enables businesses to rapidly deploy high performance computing where it’s needed. This turnkey, liquid cooled solution is the fastest and most reliable way to adopt liquid cooling and capture its benefits – without disrupting existing IT operations. Use cases such as AI, OTT, advanced cloud computing and low latency workloads are just some of what MicroModular can handle.

Deployable in restricted spaces and any type of environment, including harsh conditions, this modular solution uses significantly less energy, zero water, and provides up to 250kW of compute power. Its energy efficiency and dramatic reduction in water use and space leads to significant TCO savings and increased sustainability.

Modular makes it simple to deploy liquid cooling

  • Requires no overhaul to existing data center or structures
  • Enables easy customization per customer needs
  • Accelerates commissioning through turnkey operation
  • Allows for faster planning and construction
  • Offers rightsize and repeatability, making it easy to deploy worldwide
  • Optimizes use of space
  • Enables pre-testing before leaving the factory
  • Supports heat reuse and microgrid technology

MacroModular™ and MicroModular™:
Unmatched performance in two sizes

Prefabricated construction for rapid deployability – even in difficult or small spaces – and available in two different sizes. MicroModular provides up to 250kW of liquid cooling. MacroModular provides up to 1.5MW of liquid cooling.


reduction in energy used for cooling


CAPEX reduction versus air-cooling


reduction in data center white space


improvement in TCO over 20 years (nominal)


faster deployment time versus traditional data centers


Benefits At-a-Glance

  • Supports up to 250kW of compute power
  • Contains 1 x DataTank 48U system
  • Ideal for local edge data centers in any location
  • Configurable power zone – optional N+1 UPS power expansion
  • Up to 100% free cooling
  • Zero IT fan power consumption
  • No immersion pumps required
  • Standard fire detection and lighting, optional security and fire suppression

More compute power, lower energy consumption, no water use

  • PUE of as low as 1.02 nominal, even in harsh climates
  • 14x more compute power than in air-cooled modular data centers
  • No water required, no condensate
  • Silent operation of IT and cooling within confined spaces

Quality and Standards

  • UL compliant, customizable for local compliance
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Factory tested prior to shipping for high reliability and predictable results

Space Savings

  • No need for bulky air-cooled IT heat sinks
  • No IT fans for quiet operation
  • No IT chassis needed
  • IT boards can be tightly packed
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Matching Trane Technology

  • Trane outdoor heat rejection available worldwide
  • Global service coverage
  • Improved energy efficiency through available outdoor economization

MicroModular™ Interior Layout


Local edge uses cases include artificial intelligence, OTT, advanced cloud computing, video and graphics rendering, high performance computing (HPC), and any low latency, high processing applications in the following sectors:

  • Telecommunication
  • Colocation
  • High Performance Compute (HPC)
  • Enterprise (industrial, oil and gas)
  • Cryptomining
  • Government and military

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