ASIC Mining Hardware Conversion for 2-Phase Immersion Liquid Cooling Data Sheet

Cryptocurrency mining equipment features some of the most advanced compute technology in the world. Like any high performance compute equipment, thermal management is key to maintaining the performance and longevity of the equipment.

LiquidStack’s two-phase immersion cooling systems are ideal for cryptomining applications. They provide up to 20x more compute density and decrease space consumption up to 60%. Furthermore, LiquidStack technology consumes zero water and uses only environmentally friendly immersion fluids.

LiquidStack helped pioneer sustainable crypto-mining in 2015 when we deployed the world’s first 2-phase immersion liquid cooled data center in the Republic of Georgia (40MW), followed by a 120MW Bitcoin mining site in Azerbaijan.

LiquidStack offers engineering design services to support the concept, design, and integration of air-cooled mining equipment into LiquidStack’s 2-PIC DataTanks.

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