Coolant Distribution Unit

chip cooling

Powerful, efficient and equipped The Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) product line can be configured for virtually any direct-to-chip solution, and is powerful, compact, efficient, and easy to manage. Designed for the latest AI chips and servers, it offers powerful coolant flow distribution in the smallest form factor, optimized energy efficiency through advanced water circuit design, and modern control and logic to meet resiliency and management needs.

Standard Features

Designed specifically for direct-to-chip applications

  • Elevated operating water temperatures
  • Narrow approach temperatures
  • Higher differential pressure operation
  • Rack-based form factor
  • Resiliency and non-corrosive material

Intelligent design and operation

  • Redundant and hot swappable VSD pumps
  • 3-way facility water control valve for maximum turndown ratio
  • N+1 redundancy configuration with concurrent maintainability
  • Inlet and outlet temperature, pressure, and flow sensors
  • Field configurable top or bottom piping and electrical connections
  • Insulated stainless steel piping with drip tray
  • Hinged enclosure panels for front and rear serviceability
  • Forklift pockets, caster, leveling feet, and anchoring attachments

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