LiquidStack to Demonstrate Immersion-Ready Servers from 2CRSi at SC23

BOSTON–November 8, 2023–LiquidStack, a global leader in liquid cooling for data centers, today announced that it will showcase its two-phase immersion cooling technology in action with immersion-ready servers from 2CRSi, a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of end-to-end energy-efficient computing solutions. The joint demonstration will take place at the SC23 conference in Denver, Colorado, from November 12th to 17th, 2023, in the 2CRSi booth, number 2109.

Attendees will see immersion cooling in real time via the LiquidStack DataTank™ 4U, which supports up to 6kW cooling capacity and immersion-ready high-density servers from 2CRSi, which contain the most recent advanced GPUs and CPUs. The demonstration will feature 2CRSi’s ATLAS 1.4GG, powered by AMD and NVIDIA’s latest technology to handle current and future AI-intensive workloads. Equipped with 2 x AMD EPYC™ 9754 and 4 x NVIDIA H100 PCIe, the ATLAS compute powerhouse will only be available in an immersion-cooling enclosure to ensure its performance. 

From 19” to 21” and OCP powered systems, 2CRSi immersion range will demonstrate the advantages of Immersion server by design against air-cooled and air-adapted submerged systems. Thanks to intensive collaboration with manufacturers and researchers, all 2CRSi’s immersion-by-design servers come with 3-to 5-year warranties with the option to extend.

In addition to the live demonstration, LiquidStack and 2CRSi will be onsite to answer questions on how to get started with liquid cooling, which provides significant economic and sustainability benefits over traditional air cooling. Liquid cooling conducts up to 3,000 times more heat than air cooling. It provides surplus cooling power to enable ever-increasing compute densities, while offering a scalable and environmentally-friendly solution for colocation, telecommunication, high performance computing, and enterprises seeking to redefine their data center strategy. 

“Immersion cooling is not a buzzword – it’s the future,” said Joe Capes, CEO, LiquidStack. “Data centers and their customers recognize that immersion cooling is the most economical and sustainable way to run the newest servers containing the most powerful chips. Forward-thinking companies like 2CRSi are now developing immersion-ready technologies, indicating that liquid cooling is ready for mainstream adoption.”

According to Alain Wimouth, Chairman and CEO of 2CRSi: “Working hand in hand with LiquidStack has allowed us to strengthen our leadership in developing immersion-by-design systems that deliver the highest performance to our customers, while saving them as much energy as possible. The opportunity to showcase our high performance immersion-ready servers inside LiquidStack’s two-phase immersion cooling environment will demonstrate how simple it is for data centers to adopt immersion cooling, save energy and enhance their system performance.” 

LiquidStack’s product line also includes its new modular turnkey data center offerings. Those who are unavailable to attend SC23 can request a liquid cooling demo by contacting LiquidStack at https://liquidstack.com/contact-us

About LiquidStack

LiquidStack™ is the respected leader in liquid immersion cooling for information technology hardware, telecommunications, and blockchain systems. Having pioneered the world’s highest density, most efficient, and sustainable liquid cooling solution in 2012, our advanced liquid cooling solutions continue to serve as the backbone for highly scalable and environmentally safe hyperscale, colocation, enterprise, edge and blockchain data centers. LiquidStack’s DataTank™, EdgeTank™, and CryptoTank™ systems and services are enabling real-time advancement of computing and communications while supporting a sustainable planet. Learn more at liquidstack.com

Media Contact: Dana Zemack, dana@scratchmm.com

About 2CRSi

Founded in Strasbourg, the 2CRSi group designs, produces and markets customized, eco-responsible high-performance IT servers. In the 2022-2023 financial year, the Group generated sales of 184 million euros. The Group now markets its range of innovative solutions (computing, storage and networking) in more than 50 countries. 

With a focus on GPU and accelerated systems in harsh environments, 2CRSi has become a leader in designing, manufacturing and operating adapted cooling capabilities for its systems. From passive cooling to dual phase immersion cooling, design and power capabilities, 2CRSi focuses on delivering the highest performance while consuming the least energy possible for its clients. 2CRSi has been listed since June 2018 on the Euronext regulated market in Paris (ISIN Code: FR0013341781). For further information: 2crsi.com 

Media Contact: Jean-Philippe Llobera, jpl@2crsi.com

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