Put Two-Phase Immersion Cooling to the Test

Start Testing 2-Phase Immersion Cooling with Chemours™ Opteon™ 2P50 Developmental Dielectric Fluid in Under a Month

LiquidStack’s DataTank™ 4U Quick-Ship & Chemours Fluid Pilot Program combine to jump-start customers’ 2-phase immersion cooling R&D

Experience the benefits of two-phase immersion cooling with Chemours Opteon™ 2P50 developmental dielectric fluid and LiquidStack’s DataTank™ 4U.

This collaborative effort by LiquidStack and Chemours allows LiquidStack customers to test their servers in Opteon™ 2P50 developmental dielectric fluid free of charge1 with the purchase of a new LiquidStack DataTank™ 4U.

  • Opteon™ 2P50 is a low GWP two-phase immersion cooling fluid that boils at 49 °C (120 °F)
  • LiquidStack’s DataTank™ 4U is production ready and ideal for in-house R&D, proof of concept (PoC), and hardware development testing

The LiquidStack DataTank™ 4U Quick-Ship & Chemours Opteon™ 2P50 Dielectric Fluid Testing Program:

  • Provides qualified customers early-access to Chemours’ new 2P50 developmental dielectric fluid prior to its commercial release, while supplies last2
  • Allows qualified customers to test the benefits of this new fluid in a two-phase immersion cooling environment for R&D purposes
  • Offers priority access to LiquidStack’s DataTank™ 4U for fast delivery

1 Subject to terms and conditions of specific agreement provided to your company

2 Sample availability is subject to local regulatory approval. Chemours OpteonTM 2P50 is a developmental pre-commercial product and fluid samples must be returned to Chemours within the prescribed time frame. Customers wishing to retain the fluid for longer term use are subject to charges outlined in the specific agreement provided to your company

Get in Touch to See if You Qualify

Connect with us for more information on the DataTank™ 4U Quick-Ship program while supplies last.

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