There is no one-size-fits-all approach to adopting liquid cooling. Every company must evaluate the many benefits and cost considerations of each liquid cooling technology against their goals, budgets, and timelines. Our expert partner team is here to help you evaluate and choose the solutions that best suit your needs.

As a Trane Technologies® partner, LiquidStack offers product installation supervision, commissioning support, training, lifecycle maintenance, equipment servicing, and more to ensure our customers retain long term value and a fast return on investment. Our relationship with Trane Technologies also means we can provide global service delivery within most SLA timelines.

LiquidStack support includes Concurrent Services, which occur during installation, and Lifecycle Services, which focus on proper maintenance.

Concurrent Services: Ordered and delivered with our equipment

  • Installation Supervision
  • Start-Up Service
  • Commissioning Support
  • Training
Installation Supervision

Installation supervision streamlines the installation process

LiquidStack technicians provide on-site supervision of liquid cooling equipment installed in your facility. This service ensures that the site has been properly prepared for installation using prescribed procedures and best practices. It includes verification of wiring, mechanical piping, networking and electrical input power connections, as well as supervision of filling of fluid and close-out inspection.

Start-Up Service
start up

Start up service ensures optimal functionality of your LiquidStack equipment, once installed

Our technicians ensure your LiquidStack equipment functions properly and efficiently after the equipment has been installed, wired and plumbed. All equipment – including all electrical components, mechanical components, sensors and controls – meet operational parameters before it is commissioned or becomes fully operational.

Commissioning Support
commissioning  support

Commissioning support ensures your LiquidStack equipment operates at peak performance

As servers are deployed to the cooling equipment, LiquidStack works with customers and/or customer commissioning agents to verify the performance of the equipment. This includes load testing, heat rejection measurement, efficiency, performance optimization, and adjustment.


Training ensures your staff can fully operate your LiquidStack equipment 

LiquidStack provides operator training for all of our liquid cooling solutions. Training is conducted by an experienced LiquidStack Field Service Technician and can be held on-site or remotely. Attendees receive in-depth instruction on proper site preparation, installation and commissioning procedures. They also learn how to operate system controls, replace consumables and diagnose system symptoms or behaviors.

Lifecycle Services: Ongoing support throughout the product lifecycle

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • On-Site Service
  • Break/Fix Services
  • Extended Warranty
  • Limited Warranty
Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance ensures your LiquidStack equipment runs smoothly

Quarterly, semi-annual or annual visits by LiquidStack factory-trained technicians ensure proper product maintenance and continuous, peak performance. Preventive maintenance service includes full systems diagnostics and comprehensive all-points checks. Technicians also provide controller firmware upgrades. For an additional fee, our technicians can also replace consumable items as needed.

On-Site Service
on site service

On-site services ensures your LiquidStack equipment gets the attention it deserves

On-Site Service contracts are available in 1-year increments. These contracts cover labor and travel for unscheduled service interventions, excluding the replacement of consumables. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are available for Next Business Day, Next Day or 8-hour Break/Fix Services response times.

Break/Fix Services

Break/Fix services ensures your LiquidStack equipment gets repaired ASAP

LiquidStack offers global service support for our products, both in-warranty and out-of-warranty.

Please contact us here for any requirements.

Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty

Extended warranties ensure your LiquidStack equipment is more than covered

Extended warranties provide you with additional peace of mind that all part replacements will be covered during the full term of the purchased entitlement. Customers are welcome to extend the limited product warranty by increments of 1 year.

Limited Warranty

Keep Things Running Smoothly

Let LiquidStack service your equipment for complete peace of mind.