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Accelerate sustainable data
center performance with
advanced 2-phase immersion

LiquidStack Cooling
Solutions at a Glance

Best-in-class cooling performance, unmatched by legacy cooling technologies such as air cooling, water cooling, cold plates or single-phase immersion.

LiquidStack technology cools servers without air conditioning, IT fans, bulky heat sinks, chillers, air distribution systems or water, providing the lowest Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) and Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) of any solution on the market.

Cooling Capacity for Unmatched Server Density

2-phase immersion cooling removes thermal bottlenecks at the device and facility level.

Air Cooling

Direct-to-Chip (Water)

Direct-to-Chip (Refrigerant)

1-Phase Immersion Cooling (Oil)

2-Phase Immersion Cooling

Density per rack (kW)

LiquidStack Solutions

DataTank™ 2U, 4U, 8U
2-phase immersion cooling for edge and micro data centers

DataTank™ 48U
2-phase immersion cooling tanks for full-scale data centers

DataTank™ Modular
Pre-fabricated and modular turnkey data centers with integrated 2-phase immersion cooling up to 1.5MW

Custom Solutions
Design services for custom solutions, services and applications

We provide data center design and IT integration services, along with various solutions for Data Center, Edge & HPC.

Concurrent services include Installation Supervision, Start-Up and Commissioning Support, while Lifecycle Services include Warranty Support, Break-Fix, Extended Warranties, Preventive Maintenance and On-Site Service.

LiquidStack: Defying the cooling convention for a new generation of edge, data center and distributed computing

Over 8 years of immersion cooling innovation

Strongest 2-phase immersion cooling patent portfolio in the industry, and growing

World’s first Innovation Center for 2-phase immersion liquid cooling

21x more heat rejection per IT rack compared to air-cooling, 41% reduction in energy used for cooling

Silent, sustainable and environmentally friendly – no water required for heat rejection

Working with the world’s largest hyperscalers and data center operators

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