DataTank™ 48U

2-phase immersion cooling
tanks for full-scale data
center deployments


As server density and power increases, meeting energy requirements becomes more and more challenging. Traditional air cooling simply requires too much power. What’s more, air cooling technology and ventilation systems eat up valuable data center space.

LiquidStack’s 2-phase immersion cooling tanks give data center operators what they need most: a more efficient cooling solution that requires only a fraction of the space and uses less energy while increasing data center performance.

Benefits At-a-Glance

Energy Efficiency at Scale

  • Ultra-low pPUE (from 1.02 to 1.03)
  • Up to 252kW of cooling capacity per rack
  • Zero IT fan power consumption

High-Impact Space Savings

  • Up to 90% reduction in IT footprint
  • No fans, bulky heat sinks or custom IT chassis
  • Optimized real estate investment

Flexible, Safe and Future-Proof

  • 20-30 year operable life
  • Multi-level safety mechanisms
  • Fits all current rack configurations

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