Highest Cooling Capacity

Outperforms all other immersion systems on the market


Energy Efficiency at Scale

Ultra-low pPUE, from 1.02 to 1.03


High-Impact Space Savings

Up to 90% reduction in IT footprint


Flexible, Safe and Future-Proof

20-30 year operable life

two pahse


Reduction in energy versus air-cooling


CAPEX reduction compared with air-cooling


Reduction in Data Center white space versus air-cooling


Improved TCO over 20 years (nominal) compared with air-cooling


DataTank™ 4U

Two phase immersion cooling for edge and micro data centers


DataTank™ 48U

Two phase immersion cooling tanks for full-scale data center deployments



Prefabricated turnkey solution provides up to 250kW of liquid cooling in a small modular container



Prefabricated turnkey solution provides up to 1.5MW of liquid cooling in a fully modular container

Innovating the best-in-class two phase liquid cooling solutions for high performance computing

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Extreme cooling power

Up to 30X more heat removal per rack compared to traditional air cooling

Efficient cooling solution

Efficient cooling solution

Requires only a fraction of the space and uses less energy while increasing data center performance.

Thermal design power (TDP)

Thermal design power (TDP)

Supports chips rated up to 1,000W and minimizes mechanical cooling power consumption.

Advanced flow technology

Advanced flow technology

Optimizes heat transfer and rejection, as low as 1.02 pPUE, by leveraging warmer water temperatures.

Designed for scale

Designed for scale

Provides cooling for up to 252kW, 48U rack, while our modular form factors – MicroModular™ and MacroModular™ – allow for an even wider range of needs.

Enhanced cooling effectiveness

Enhanced cooling effectiveness

Delivers improved energy efficiency and additional fluid distribution throughout the unit.

Typical applications and use cases include

New data center construction, artificial intelligence (AI), OTT, advanced cloud services, video and graphics rendering, high performance computing (HPC), and other low latency, high processing applications in the following sectors:

  • Hyperscale cloud platforms
  • Cryptomining and blockchain technology
  • Next-gen colocation and large enterprise
  • Modular edge data centers
  • High performance compute (HPC)

Trusted by the Biggest Names in Data Center Technology

LiquidStack provides next-generation cooling solutions to many of the world’s largest cloud services, semiconductor, manufacturing and IT hardware providers, and has won numerous awards for data center innovation and sustainability.

Connect with our team to explore the optimal liquid cooling options for your organization

From maximum power density performance to meeting new environmental and regulatory standards, LiquidStack can help you adopt the technology or technologies that make most sense for you.

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