Webinar: Liquid Immersion Cooling: Key to a Sustainable Future for the Data Center

Liquid immersion cooling for data centers and HPC is more efficient, sustainable and practical than air cooling or any other alternative. While this technology has already been deployed at scale and demonstrated its value in terms of energy, cost and space savings; however, it has not yet seen widespread adoption. Why not?

In this webinar hosted by Data Center Frontier, we will review the many benefits of this revolutionary approach to cooling. We will also discuss the remaining obstacles to its broader implementation as well as what is being done to transform the data center and HPC ecosystem to drive its acceptance. Join industry leaders in manufacturing, hyper-scaling and engineering as they share their perspective on the promise of this technology and practical steps being taken to realize that promise.


  • The unique capabilities of 2-phase immersion liquid cooling and what problems it is helping to solve
  • The impact of this technology on cooling costs, sustainability and data center design
  • Practical input on how it can be applied and important items which you should pay attention to the evolutionary changes immersion cooling is driving in the data center and HPC ecosystem

Featuring speakers from Intel, Wiwynn, 3M, LiquidStack, and Page Southerland Page, this is a discussion you don’t want to miss.

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