Webinar: Liquid immersion cooling – has its moment finally arrived?

With the advent of higher powered CPUs, GPUs and servers for AI and cloud services applications, liquid immersion cooling for data centers is becoming more attractive for a variety of reasons. While this technology has already been deployed at scale in crypto-mining and high performance computing demonstrating its value in terms of energy, cost and space savings, it has not yet seen widespread adoption in data centers. Why not?

During this episode industry leaders will review the many benefits, as well as the challenges associated with this revolutionary approach to cooling, and explore the trends towards its broader implementation and how data center and HPC ecosystem transformation is driving its acceptance.

Meet the Speakers

Nick Schweissguth

Director of Product Management, LiquidStack

Jeremy Sanchez

Corporate Director of Electrical Services, Hensel Phelps

Scott Muller

Senior Project Manager, Associate, BCER Engineering

Alan McClung

Senior Project Manager / Senior Associate, Page

Elizabeth Slyziuk

Principal | Senior Mechanical Engineer, Page

Alex Dickins

Channel Manager, DatacenterDynamics

Watch the Webinar

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