Webinar: Not just a lot of hot air – Liquid cooling and heat reuse are here!

Data centers and other businesses are beginning to see liquid cooling and heat reuse as a significant benefit to their operations. However, the challenge has been how to simplify the deployment of liquid cooling technology and the infrastructure that facilitates heat reuse. Today, we will discuss how LiquidStack and Trane are removing those barriers.

This DCD broadcast episode covers how data centers can enable liquid cooling and heat reuse by leveraging the latest data center heat rejection and heat reuse technology. Trane’s Danielle Rossi with LiquidStack’s Nick Schweissguth and Angela Taylor explain how customers can deploy this technology and harness the benefits of liquid cooling to meet customer performance, efficiency, and sustainability objectives.

Data center heat repurposing can be used for campus or district heating systems as well as other use cases that require heat, hot water or steam. While the focus of liquid cooling has been the enablement of data centers to handle higher TDP chips and dense IT deployments, in addition to achieving sustainability goals, heat reuse could become a significant factor in driving the adoption of this technology.

Meet the Speakers

Angela Taylor

Director of Global Strategy, LiquidStack

Nick Schweissguth

Director of Product Management, LiquidStack

Danielle Rossi

Global Director – Mission Critical Cooling, Trane

Alex Dickins

Channel Manager, DatacenterDynamics

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