Webinar: Two-Phase Immersion Cooling Benefits and the Evolution of Dielectric Fluids

This webinar provides a comprehensive analysis of two-phase immersion cooling and the evolving benefits in sustainability, ESG and high-performance computing. You will hear from OCP members, Chemours and LiquidStack, along with analyst firm Dell’Oro Group.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • A quantitative overview of data center thermal management and the transition from air to liquid cooling
  • Understand the benefits, challenges, and planning requirements for next generation two-phase immersion cooling technologies
  • Pros and cons of single-phase and two-phase immersion cooling technologies
  • Advancements in two-phase immersion cooling fluids
  • Considerations for immersion fluid selection
  • Highlight successful data center use cases for optimizing efficiency with two-phase immersion cooling

Meet the Speakers

Cliff Grossner

VP Market Intelligence & Innovation at OCP

Lucas Beran

Research Director at Dell’Oro Group

Brandon Marshall

Global Marketing Manager, Automotive and Immersion Cooling at Chemours

Gustavo Pottker

Senior Principal Engineer, Thermal and Specialized Solutions at Chemours

Nick Schweissguth

Director of Product Management, LiquidStack

Kar-Wing Lau

Chief Technology Officer at LiquidStack

Watch the Webinar

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