LiquidStack Innovation Center

Agile Innovation Center in Hong Kong with fast prototyping & light production capabilities

LiquidStack Built the Most Energy-Efficient Data Center in
Hong Kong

We built the most energy-efficient data center in Asia in 2013. Since then we have worked with global leaders to define the next generation of advanced data center cooling solutions for HPC, edge deployments and hardware manufacturers.

Build and test your next-generation immersion-cooled data center or hardware solution in our Innovation Center.

The Blueprint for Best-in-Class Energy-Efficient Data Centers

Our Hong Kong Data Center serves as the field-tested and proven blueprint for building greenfield data centers that defy the cooling convention:

  • Game-changing electricity savings: Our Hong Kong Center achieves 99% savings on cooling electricity versus HKG average
  • Exceptional PUE in challenging climates: 1.01 PUE versus HKG average PUE of 2.20 and HKEX PUE of 1.60
  • Unmatched rack density and modular design: Our customers benefit from proven innovations – 18-225kW per rack
  • Agile and seamless construction: No raised floor or high ceiling requirement
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly data center design: Silent and dust-free, no moving parts


Hong Kong’s Most Energy-Efficient Data Center

Best Green ICT Awards 2014

Future Thinking and Design Concepts

Data Center Dynamics Awards 2014

Application of Immersion Cooling in Data Centre

Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards 2014

Electronics & Industrial Cooling Systems Partner of the Year

Hong Kong Most Valuable Services Awards 2018

Edge Data Center of the Year

Data Center Dynamics Awards Finalist 2020

Build Your Next Energy-Efficient Data Center with LiquidStack

Meet Kar-Wing Lau

His innovative thinking about cooling technologies sounds like science fiction. Nothing could be further from the truth.

See how he led a small team of engineers to create the next revolution in immersion cooling, which is now changing the game for data centers worldwide.

Custom Cooling Solutions for Semiconductor and Hardware Operators

We know 2-phase liquid immersion cooling, because we’re the ones who pioneered it. We had to do it for ourselves.

In 2012, our own data center in Hong Kong couldn’t run at maximum capacity due to the limits of our air cooling system. With 6048 FPGA chips, combining 890 million logic cells, operating in the hot and humid Asian climate, traditional air cooling systems could no longer keep the equipment cool enough to perform optimally.

So we built our own.

Develop Your Next Immersion-Cooled Hardware Solution with LiquidStack

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